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Join the Banjo All-Star Series 2 Selection Team to nominate and vote on your favorite players you want to be included in the next series. Expected to ship in Spring 2023, with your help, Series 2 will be bigger than ever!

Recent Nominees

The line-up is growing, here are a few worth considering.

Haskell was a great player who even sat in for Earl Scruggs with the Foggy Mountain Boys when Earl had his accident.
Nominated 09/16/2022 by
American old-time singer, songwriter and banjo player. His style of banjo playing, as well as his singing, is considered...
Nominated 09/13/2022 by
"Daniel Grindstaff was exposed to the banjo and bluegrass music at an early age by his father’s record collection and mu...
Nominated 09/16/2022 by
“Dr. Banjo”, is renowned for his wide-ranging contributions to bluegrass music: innovative picking in trend-setting band...
Nominated 09/15/2022 by
Jimmy toured for many years with Roy Clark, frequently performing on Hee Haw... one of the best five string players ever...
Nominated 09/16/2022 by
Colton is a fiery traditional five-string banjo player from Kingsport, Tennessee. He grew up listening to Earl Scruggs,...
Nominated 09/22/2022 by
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More about Banjo All-Stars

Bluegrass Trading Co started developing Banjo All-Stars Series 1 trading cards in October of 2021. Including the talents of 42 featured banjo players with the help of 10 equally talented portrait artists, Series 1 was successfully launched and shipped in April of 2022.

With a planned ship date of Spring 2023, Series 2 picks up where Series 1 left off with at least another 60 players, depending on the success on Indiegogo! The campaign is expected to launch in October 2022 so be sure to sign up to stay connected!